Thursday, March 28, 2013

Marcelle Medallion, part two

Please allow me continue showing you my Marchelle Medallion.  When we left off last time, I had gotten up to border three.  I kept at it with a furious pace after that post.  My husband was out of town, so no one was here to tell me to go to bed.  Instead I stayed up late to sew just about every night!  When the cat's away...

Through this project, I've discovered that I love flying geese.  Love them I say.  You'll be seeing more geese from me very soon I think.

Pardon the badly cropped photo, I couldn't get the whole thing in the frame in the space I had hung it
While I still love this project, I've stalled.  At probably one of the easiest parts too!  I have one border left to add, and I'm undecided on what fabric I want to use.  I think it should be a darker green color, no?

I'm also not super happy with the plus/cross blocks.  I think they don't pop enough.  Other than that, I love it.  I love the scrappiness and the color palette I chose.  I love that it's nice and big, without being overwhelming.  I love that I cut into precious fabrics and that it didn't hurt.  I can't wait to love it when it's all quilted and bound.


  1. I actually like the pluses. Some of them pop and some recede, like they are fading in and out, and makes that border look less static. It pulls the eye from the center medallion out to the edges.

  2. Fantastic Kristan! I love the look of flying geese but I have trouble making accurate ones. What method do you use?

    I agree with the above commenter - I like the pluses, that some of them pop more than others. It adds interest.

    And I agree with you, that a green for the outer border would really work.

  3. It looks great! I can't design my way out of a paper bag, so I can't offer any suggestions about your last border, except gitrdun. Good luck!

  4. You are doing such a great job. I really want to start this quilt. Love your colours ; )

  5. It looks great Kristan! I love the colors you are using and yes, I think a darker green outer border would set the whole quilt off perfectly. I think that it is ok that the plus blocks don't pop as much as you would like. If everything was popping, it would be too chaotic - a little subtlety is good. And isn't that the best part about the hubby being away - no one there to think you are nuts staying up late to sew :-)


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