Wednesday, February 12, 2014

That Time I Finished Four Quilts in Two Weeks

Bluebird Park Pinwheel Quilt

Finish being the operative word.  These tops were all pieced (some for over a year!), plus they're all baby quilts, so I'm not breaking any world records or anything.  But this many finishes at once is definitely a record for me!

From the Blue Chair Lattice Quilt

These pictures aren't great, but it's super cold and windy outside, plus I think it may rain.  I'm going to do posts on each of these quilts soon, so there will be better photos and more details then.  Plus they'll be all crinkly fresh from the dryer then too.  Instant improvement if I do say so myself.

And now, here's an update of The List:

Scrappy Little Heart Block tutorial/pillow
Patchwork Baby Quilt
Hedgie Pinwheels Quilt
Inside Out Plus Quilt
Lattice Baby Quilt

Sapphire Stars Quilt - contacted a local long-armer

Scattered Squares Table Runner tutorial - pattern written
Dwell Quilt - add sashing and borders
Rockin Robin - planning
Fireworks Pillow - basted, ready to quilt
Hulk Pillow - finish embroidery

Inside Out Plus Quilt

So the list has shrunk from 13 (originally) down to 6.  That's huge for me!

It helps that the husband is away for work and there's no one here to make me go to bed.

Zoology Patchwork Quilt

Today I'll try to schedule a drop-off with the long-armer on the Sapphire Stars quilt, and then I'll get to work on finishing the Fireworks pillow and piecing the Dwell Quilt.  Once those are done, I'm going to work on my additions to Jess' Rockin Robin quilt.

Have you been making any progress on your WIPs?  I'd love to hear about them!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Scrappy Little Heart Block Tutorial

scrappy little heart pillow | doodle do designs

Ah, Valentine's Day.  The season of hearts and flowers and pink and red.  Today I bring to you a tutorial for making this tiny little heart block.  It's a great way to use up some pretty scraps.  And don't think you have to use all pinks and reds and purples.  I bet this would look good in any combination of colors.  If you look really close, you can see that I even used two different whites (Kona White and Bella Solids Bleached White) for the background.  Scrap-bustin' over here.

This block measures only 4.5" square.  Why so small?  Well because I happened to have made up a bunch of pink and purple butterfly blocks from Lori Holt's book Quilty Fun, and they measure 4.5".  And then I didn't even use the heart blocks with the butterfly blocks.  After I made them, I HAD to turn them into a Valentine's Day pillow.  But at least now you know why I made such small blocks.  Onto the instructions!

For EACH block, you'll need:
(2) 2.5" x 4.5" heart fabrics
(4) 1.5" squares background fabric
(2) 2.5" squares background fabric

It's important to use a scant 1/4" seam here.  There's not much room for trimming and squaring up.  A scant seam will help with that.

Draw a line from point to point on the wrong side your background squares (the 2.5" squares too).

Position a 1.5" square of background fabric right sides together (RST) with the top left corner of your 2.5" x 4.5" heart fabric pieces.  Note the direction of the line you drew.  

Stitch on the line you drew.  If you are making a lot of heart blocks, I find it helpful to chain piece here.  Trim a 1/4" inch from your stitched line.

Press your background fabric open.  Position your other 1.5" squares of background fabric as shown on the top right corner of your heart fabric pieces.  Note the direction of the drawn line.

Stitch on the drawn line (again, chain piecing if necessary).  Trim 1/4" away from your stitched line.  Press the background fabric open.  You should now have something that looks like a really tall flying geese unit.

Place your 2.5" background squares RST on the bottom of your heart fabric unit.  Not the direction of the drawn lines.  You'll want them going in opposite directions.

Stitch on the drawn line (chain piece here as well).  Trim a 1/4" away from the stitched line.

Press the background fabric open.  You now have two halves of a heart.

Place the two halves RST and sew down the side.  Press open.

Tiny Scrappy Heart Block

Trim it up if necessary.  Now you have a super cute little heart!

I made seven hearts and turned them into a pillow.  What will you use your hearts for?  I'd love to see pics, please link in the comments if you make them!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The List

Hedgie Pinwheels WIP

This is finally getting quilted.  It's backed with minky, which I've never FMQ'ed on before, and I love it.  This photo shows the real color of the background fabric.  In previous photos, the color was reading more grey.  It's Connecting Threads Latte.  I'm quilting it with the matching Connecting Threads Latte thread on the top, and white on the back.

Scratching some things off my WIP list feels really great.  Yesterday my awesome-sauce friend Hilary came over and we crossed things off our lists.  And made a pact to hold each other to our WIP lists.  We're not allowed to start anything new until we finish what we have going. (we do have some clauses for important things that we don't know about yet haha).

Yesterday I finished all the stuff for my Sew Sew Modern Swap partner .  I'm wrapping some extra goodies and waiting for the Scotch-Guard to dry on the low volume Aeroplane Bag I made and then it will get shipped today.  Major thing off The List!

Still on The List:
-I have two tutorials in the works, so hopefully I will have those ready in the next week or so, then they can be crossed off the list.  
-Dwell quilt - top is not completely pieced yet (needs horizontal sashing and then borders).  
-Linen Plus quilt - next in line for quilting.  The backing is voile, another new material for me, so we'll see how that goes.
-Rockin Robin borders - no progress
-Fireworks pillow - basted
-Lattice baby quilt - no progress
-Patchwork baby quilt - no progress
-Hulk pillow top - no progress
-Sapphire Stars quilt - beginning the search for a local long-armer to take over

Dropped off The List:
-Purple Monstrosity - I just hate it.  I'm sorry, hate is such a strong word.  But it doesn't make me happy and I don't HAVE TO finish it.  If anyone wants it and wants to pay shipping for it, be my guest.
-Strawberry Social - I have barely even pulled fabrics for this.  It's off The List for sanity's sake.

My list has gone from 13 things to only 11 in a week.  That feels great!
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