Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WiP Wednesday

Whew, May was a busy month for me!  Travelling, last day of school, a family birthday, Memorial Day weekend, starting to overhaul our home, a stolen cell phone (sad to be missing out on Instagram while I use an old "dumb-phone" until my upgrade...), and even a fender-bender (someone ran into my parked car while I was in the grocery store) has left little time for sewing and blogging.  Man, I'm tired just re-reading that super long rambly sentence.  Too tired to fix it too!  ;)

So I haven't been up to much in front of the sewing machine except the things I HAD to finish.  Here's the progress on those things:

Pillow Talk Swap 10:

PTS 10 Done

PTS 10 Done Front

PTS 10 Done Back

I finished and mailed out this pillow cover, along with some other goodies, to my PTS10 partner.  I hope she loves it.  Fabric is Denyse Schmidt's Chicopee along with Essex Linen.  The pattern is Evan's Star.  The closure is a zipper from the tutorial on Sew, Mama, Sew!.

do. Good Stitches Love Circle bee blocks for May:

dgs may for Jacey

These are for Jacey, who asked for wonky stars in purple, yellow, and grey.

Stitch that Stash! bee blocks for May:

Stitch That Stash! May Blocks for Krista

These blocks are for Krista, who asked for scrap-pile 64 patch blocks in low volume with yellow, red, brown, and blue.

OKC Modern Quilt Guild

And we all remember that tragic tornado that hit Moore, OK last week.  I have family in the area who watched the tornado pass by their homes (thankfully) only to demolish the homes of their friends and neighbors.  Please see the OKC MQG blog for more details if you would like to help.


  1. Beautiful pillow. Really love the pattern.

  2. Such a bright and cheerful pillow! I like your stache blocks too :)

  3. That pillow is adorbs! Sorry about the crappy month! That sucks for sure! June will be better!

  4. The pillow turned out great Kristan. I like that you used several different prints for the backing. Things like that never cross my mind!

  5. The pillow is fabulous. Love it.

  6. your partner in the pillow talk swap is super lucky -- what a fantastic pillow! =)

  7. Well all the things you did acomplish were fab! And the rest will work itself out in time :o)

  8. Beautiful creations, Kristan. That pillow is awesome, love the fabric choices. I need to buy some Essex linen!

  9. That is a great pillow! Fun colors and pattern.

  10. Love the pillow! The bright colors really pop with each other!

  11. Great color choices! I love the back, too!

  12. Stunning pillow, and your blocks are fantastic!

  13. Gosh, things have been crazy for you! Hope June turns out heaps better. I need to work on my stars still. eek... it's June!


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