Friday, October 5, 2012

Houston International Quilt Festival

I'm sure a lot of people that regularly follow quilt blogs have heard of Fall Quilt Market in Houston (Oct 27-29).  It's where all the yummy upcoming fabric gets shown, among other industry related stuff.  It's not open to the public.  I wish I could go!  (If anyone wants to take me in with them one day, I'm local and will take you to lunch or dinner or something!  Hint hint!).

Immediately following Market is the Houston International Quilt Festival (Nov 1-4), which is open to the public.  My mom, my sister, and I make a weekend out of it every year.  Even though we live here, we get a hotel room in the hotel that is attached to the convention center (Hilton Americas).  It's like a little staycation for us!  We love the shopping (over 1100 booths!).  And there is ridiculous quilty eye candy on display (over 1500!), including the MQG Showcase 2012.

Is anyone else in the bloggy world going to be there this year?  I'd love to meet up and say hi!  Or are you going to Market?  You don't really have to take me in with you, but it'd be fun to meet up for a meal one day while you're in town.

I'm excited to get see the modern quilt exhibit, including Supernova (Freshly Pieced)!  And of course all the FABRIC SHOPPING!  It's going to be great.  You can bet I'm going to take pictures (where allowed) to share with everyone!


  1. Have a wonderful time at the Quilt Festival! Someday, I will make it down from Vancouver, BC. My friend and fellow Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild member Terry Aske will be going to Houston this year and attending the Modern Quilt Guild meet up.

  2. hmmm. i'm a kansas city native, was there a quilt festival after market up here in the spring?

    either way, i've pondered going to this houston one. sounds like a good time, but who knows if I could hack that. sounds expensive!

    hope you have a blast, wish i were going so we'd get to meet up!

  3. My mom was invited by her local quilt shop to go to Market this Spring in Kansas City. After the fact, she told me that they were going to ask me to go, but thought it would be too hard for me to go being pregnant with a 9 month old . I was SO close to going!
    My mom and I did make it to the International Quilt Festival in Cinncinatti this spring, although I understand it's only about half the size of Houston. Someday, we're going to come down!

    1. Yes, the Houston one is HUGE. It takes us two days to get through all the vendors, not to mention looking at all the quilts on exhibit. It's exhausting!


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