Thursday, October 4, 2012


Did you miss me?  No?  Haha!

My goofy dog chewed through our fiber optic cable the other day.  Apparently it got in the way of the hole he was digging.

So we lost internet and cable TV for a couple of days until they could come out and fix it.  It got turned back on last night and I logged on to find lots of emails to answer and tons of blogs to catch up on!  It's crazy how much happens in just a couple of days.  I have a smartphone but the 4G service is spotty where I live so it was pretty impossible to get online or get an email to send.  If you've commented or emailed me and I haven't answered you yet, don't worry!  I'll try to get to it today.  :)

I cannot seem to stop making stuff from this book #littlestitches @aneelahoey I've had it about two weeks and already on my fifth design!

I've been stitching quite a bit lately.  Just because it's so fun and I can't stop!  Aneela Hoey's book Little Stitches is perfect for beginners, if you're wondering.  I have zero experience with embroidery, except one or two little things I tried immediately before getting this book.  The instructions are so clear and there are really detailed close up photos of the finished embroidery designs if you're a visual learner (like I am).  All the designs are so cute too!  I've got a list a mile long of all the little motifs I want to stitch up, and I don't even have projects in mind in which to use those designs yet!  I definitely recommend this book.  Probably my most used and loved craft book to date.

I've ordered some fabric from Stash Fabrics.  I'm a repeat customer and will continue to be!  Beth is super nice and if you have reason to talk to her about your order (because you cannot math to save your life and didn't order enough and need to hurry and add it on before she cuts!), she's super awesome at helping you out.  She doesn't know I'm writing this and hasn't offered me anything at all to do it, but I'm just so impressed that I wanted to tell you.

I've seen talk on blogs and Instagram and Flickr about a certain big discount online fabric store lately that hasn't been good.  I've been on the receiving end of some shoddy customer service from this place in the past couple of weeks myself.  And honestly, how hard is it to fold up the fabric instead of wadding it into a ball for shipping?  Grr.  I guess you get what you pay for!

On a more personal, non-sewing related front, my son is doing great with potty training!  No accidents still.  We went to Target yesterday and he used the potty there twice.  We're going on a playdate today as well.  I can't believe this has been so easy.  If you're in the market (or will be soon!) for potty training advice, Google Oh Crap! Potty Training.  It's an e-book that you have to purchase (there are some free resources on the site as well), but it's totally worth it.  (They also have no idea I'm writing this, I just wanted to spread the word!).  I haven't had to buy pull-ups, silly Elmo Goes Potty videos, potty reward charts, etc, so actually, I think buying this book is a better deal than winging it and trying to do it the other way.  

Okay, so that's my wordy catch up!  Sorry there's no yummy fabric goodness or quilty stuff.

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  1. The stitching is going to be super cute!! I'm off to check out stash fabrics - always looking for good new online shops. YAY for you and your son! Potty training was a breeze with my first son, and so NOT a breeze with my second. It's always a treat when it goes well. :)


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