Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Every week I feel like I should be able to update with all sorts of finishes to last week's list, but it just doesn't seem to happen.  I start too many things!

My son's quilt would have been a finish, but I ran out of thread during quilting.  And of course I can't find the same color locally...grr.  So until if find it or order it, this is on hold.  So close!

These triangles are going to be a mini.  But I have to unpick them all, because I sewed them together wrong. They will lose their points if I keep them like this!  One of the hazards of being completely self-taught with the "I can figure it out myself!" mentality.  Live and learn!

These are dish towels!  I love the "Texas" one on the left.  They will be cut up and turned into burp cloths soon, commissioned by the same customer that ordered those baby blankets.

This little fox (from Aneela Hoey's Little Stitches) will find its way onto an Open Wide Pouch in the near future.

No real physical progress on the Threadbias pincushion.  I know what I am going to do with it though, so there is some invisible progress happening in my head!

My fabric came in for my Jack Attack QAL re-do.  I want to get started on that but I can't seem to find the time this week.

Also working on the Halloween quilt, but I don't have any pictures of that right now.  I would like to have that finished by next week so we can actually enjoy using the quilt during the month of October.

Things I haven't touched at all this week (photos can be seen on last week's WIP post):
- 100 Quilts for Kids donation quilt (need to fix open seams with applique)
- Red Hexagon Disaster (if we're being honest, I'll probably just trash it.  *shrug*)

I haven't gotten a ton of sewing in this week, because I am potty training my son.  If you're interested, I'm using the "Oh Crap. Potty Training" method.  We're seeing some real progress, but that means that my son and I are glued together during the day - so no sewing-while-he-plays-multitasking can go on per usual.

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  1. I have to say that everything you have going on looks wonderful. Also don't sweat it if your not getting anything quilting wise done. No matter what everything will get done eventually! Also best of luck with potty training. I remember those days but my then little one would sit o the toilet with a book and try to read.

  2. It all looks wonderful! Love those little hexies!

  3. You are juggling so many projects... and they are so gorgeous. Your son's quilt and the mini triangles completely sing! Can't wait to see them finished.

  4. I agree with Jennifer - everything looks great! I love your son's quilt!

  5. Ugh, running out of thread is so annoying!! It's bad enough when you run out of bobbin thread and have to reload! I really like your little hexies. So cute.

  6. Sorry to hear you ran out of thread on your sons' quilt. It looks great so far! And your hexies, LOVE them! I thought I recognized your picture from Threadbias! Good luck on the potty training! I just recently proclaimed that my boys were potty trained... and of course we still have accidents. But at least I only have one in diapers now, rather than three!

  7. I know that method of potty training! We started it about a month ago and we are doing alright so far, and hopefully it will coninue *crosses fingers* All your stitchy things look lovely :)

  8. I have so many quilts that need to be finished but im always starting something new! today I have a huge todo list, and im avoiding.. obviously!


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