Friday, September 14, 2012

APQ 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge

The last couple of days I've messed up more than one sewing project. We've all been there. One of my mishaps involved cutting into a beloved fabric (that has lived on my shelf for 2 years just being petted occasionally because I was too afraid to cut it in case I ruined it....yeah). The other involved a measurement mistake. Stupid numbers.

What's a better cure for sewing frustration than charity sewing?  Enter the American Patchwork & Quilting 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge.  I just knew it would make me feel better. Plus I got to shop for fabric - retail therapy!

APQ 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge

I walked into Joann's knowing I wanted something girly. Having a son, I don't get many opportunities to sew girly things, so this was my chance. When I spotted this cherry fabric and then felt it (to make sure it wasn't scratchy!), I knew this was the one. Isn't it darling? Y'all will not believe this, but it feels exactly like a vintage sheet. So soft!

I used the APQ Basic Pattern, and in less than an hour I had two darling pillowcases! The pattern is pretty straightforward. I recommend it.

Why do we even buy these things at those big stores? So easy.  And I'm pretty sure this little project cured me of my sewing woes.  I'm not even mad at the rotary cutter anymore.

APQ 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge

Do you do a lot of charity sewing? Will you make some pillowcases to add to the tally at APQ?

PS - I'm pretty sure this is the only time in my life that I've taken an iron to bed linens. Don't tell Martha.


  1. They do look darling! I made pillowcases for the challenge too out of soft flannel leftovers :) And just for the record... growing up my Mom used to pile the need-to-be-ironed things in a HUGE basket and when it overflowed it was my job the iron it. Mostly bedsheets and duvet covers. So lucky you! :)

    1. Thanks Kati! Yay for flannel pillowcases...I just realized I have a pile of flannel I could use. Maybe I'll make more. :)

  2. Oh, these are precious! And what a great way to get out of your frustration!!! Some times I just have to walk away!


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