Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jack Attack Progress

Block A seam by doodledodesigns
Block A seam, a photo by doodledodesigns on Flickr.
So I've been participating in the Jack Attack QAL over at Lily's Quilts. And by participating I mean falling behind.

 Anyhow, I've finished both A blocks. My seams are off (still!) but I'm okay with that. I took twice as long to do it this time and triple checked every step and measurement before cutting or sewing or proceeding to the next step, and I've still botched it.

Lynne even gave us some tips on how to make sure the seams match, and I followed them (sewing from the middle point out, and flipping and going the other way).  I also used freezer paper this time and it's so much nicer than crinkly old wrapping paper.  I totally recommend freezer paper if you're questioning it.

I'm just going to not worry about it and trim all the blocks down when I'm done with the B blocks. No use fretting over something when a quick trim will solve it all!

I'm going to try to work on the B blocks today and get caught up since I have a busy weekend and might not get sewing time.


  1. Thanks for the funny comment on my blog just now about the modern quilts from the blogging universe book- made me laugh!
    PS: I tried to email you back but you are a no reply blogger. Bet you had no idea!

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer! I had no idea. But I think it should be fixed now. Phew.

  2. This post really made me smile - I am SO for the attitude of taking the easy route and trimming down is the best and easiest route in this situation! And hopefully now I'll be able to respond to your comments too :-)

  3. Fun colors you're using - although you're not showing a lot:) Don't worry about falling behind, I'm joining and haven't even bought fabric yet...

    1. Thanks Marit! I think I might be getting new fabric anyways. :)

  4. You're definitely not falling behind! - I still need to start all over again :P - but I'm hoping for a bit of sewing time over the weekend, and Jack is top of my list.

    I'm glad Jennifer mentioned you are a no-reply blogger, I have thought to mention it a couple times by commenting on your blog, but have forgotten. We were too, until I managed to sort it out, thanks to Lynne letting me know!

    Looking forward to more progress pics. If my blocks are out over the weekend, my plan is to trim them down too. see you, Cat


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