Wednesday, April 1, 2015

While She Naps Chick + Egg Inside Out Toy Pattern Review

I was looking around the While She Naps pdf pattern soft toy shop the other day and my son immediately zeroed in on this little Chick and Egg Inside Out Toy.  Of all the other adorable toys pictured, he could not stop talking about this one.  I'm so glad I bought it and made it!  It really is the cutest thing ever.  Plus it would make a great addition to Easter baskets!

Chick & Egg Reversible Toy
I liked that this pattern was very  straight-forward.  I've sewn a couple of dolls before and they were a little fiddly.  I thought this toy would also be fiddly because of the inside out feature, but I went for it anyways.  Well, it wasn't fiddly!  It came together pretty quickly actually.

Chick & Egg Reversible Toy
This little guy starts as an egg as chickens tend to do...

Chick & Egg Reversible Toy
...and then we can help him hatch...

Chick & Egg Reversible Toy
...and we're greeted by a sweet baby chick!

Chick & Egg Reversible Toy
His happy face is so simple but very cheerful.

Chick & Egg Reversible Toy
His little fluffy hair is pretty cute too.

Chick & Egg Reversible Toy
I think my favorite part might be these adorable little chicken feet.

Chick & Egg Reversible Toy
Simple, tiny wings with just enough detail to make them stand out.

Chick & Egg Reversible Toy

The only thing I struggled with was due to user error.  I haven't really sewn a lot with fleece, and when my (almost dried out) disappearing ink marker wouldn't mark on the fabric, I erroneously used a highlighter.  Big mistake, because it doesn't soak into the fleece.  My shears, sewing machine, and fingers were covered in neon pink ink.  It's a wonder I didn't get it all over the white egg fabric.  This is not the pattern's fault, as it clearly states that I could have used chalk.  It was my fault, but I'm telling you so you don't make my silly mistake.

As usual, here are some of my notes:

I used the cheap microfleece from Jo-Ann, regularly priced at $5.99/yd.  If you only want to make one or two, check the remnants section first.  I purchased a quarter yard each of white, yellow, and orange.  Now I have enough fleece to make half a dozen or more.  That's really great considering my fabric cost less than $5.

The pattern is priced at $9 for an instant PDF download.  It consists of 9 pages with full color photos to walk you through the steps.  I only printed the last 2 pages with the pattern pieces and consulted the pattern steps from my PDF reader on my laptop.  I received a discount code from a previous purchase (one of Abby's e-books) that I used towards this purchase.

Abby generously allows toys to be sold from her pattern, provided you follow her guidelines, which she lists conveniently on the pattern.  This is wonderful considering how many toys you can make from the yardage purchased and the fact that it only took me about 30 minutes to sew after cutting the pattern pieces.

I definitely recommend this Chick & Egg Inside Out Toy Pattern.  My son loves playing with it and takes it to bed with him.  He's really into toys that he can transform and manipulate, so this has been a huge hit.  He also likes to use it like a puppet.

Now that I've made this one, I am really itching to make another.  I might make a few others for his friends because I think they'd make the perfect little Easter gift.  Abby also offers a Caterpillar and Butterfly Inside Out Toy that is great for spring, as well as teaching about metamorphosis (one of my son's favorite words!).  I really like these animal neck pillows for an upcoming road trip and this octopus would make a great gift for someone I know.

Do you like to sew toys?  Do the kids like to play with them as much as mine does?  Tell me about your favorite soft toy pattern in the comments!

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