Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Works in Progress

The other night I put pen to paper and made a list of all the sewing projects I have going.  A lot of the projects are tops that need quilting, which brings me to the confession that I don't really enjoy quilting.  I love piecing, but quilting, not so much.  Maybe it's because I don't have the right tools for the job.  Anyhow, because I don't love quilting, I tend to put it off.

Here's my list:

Quilt Tops that Need Quilting
Quilt Tops - To Be Quilted

3. hedgie pinwheels top,  blogged here

Piecing in Progress

Dwell Quilt blocks 1-16
Dwell, blogged here.  I have all the blocks joined in their rows with the vertical sashing.  I still need to attach the horizontal sashing and borders.  Then it goes to the giant "to be quilted" pile!

Butterflies (and Hearts?) - not pictured.  I have 11 butterfly blocks from Lori Holt's book "Quilty Fun" pieced.  I was thinking I would alternate rows of them with some heart blocks, space them all with plain white squares, and add a top and bottom border, perhaps with an appliqued name if this quilt ends up getting going in time to become a gift.

Deadline Sewing
Low Volume Aeroplane Bag

Sew Sew Modern 4 Aeroplane Bag (hand stitch where lining meets zipper ends) - Mail 2/10

SSM4 Small Item idea

Sew Sew Modern 4 Device Pouch (fabric pulled, not started) - Mail 2/10.  It will look a lot like this, but with a different color linen.

Rockin Robin borders - Mail 3/10, not pictured.

Orphan Blocks to Turn into...Something
April Showers Fireworks

Scrappy Fireworks block with April Showers, will become a pillow

Incredible Hulk block test

Incredible Hulk block (from testing a pattern for Kristy at Quiet Play), I have the face mostly embroidered.  the husband thinks I should make all the super heroes and make a quilt for our boy.  Another option would be a tote bag.  Or a little pillow.

Things to Start
Table Runner tutorial, pattern is written, just need to make it and take photos.
Strawberry Social Quilt (still acquiring fabric)

Whew.  So that's my list.  I'm thinking I just may suck it up and quilt those quilts in February.  Except for the Sapphire Stars, because it is big.  It's also a special quilt, so I may send it out to be quilted all fancy-like.  Or pay my sister to do it, though I am not sure if she has the time (or even wants to).

What's your WIP pile like?  


  1. I am just loving your little houses Kristan. So adorable! Sort of traditional, sort of modern. Perfect!

  2. So no lie, I saw the Strawberry Social pattern the other day and thought to myself "hmmm Kristan would like that" lol

    Also I love that you named your quilt from the color workshop, Monstrosity. I pulled mine out the other day and now I hate it :/ probably going to gift it to my sister.


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