Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall International Quilt Market 2013

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If you may recall, I recently spilled the beans about a project I have been slaving away working on behind the scenes this year - my new baby Stitcherie.  

Quilt Market

Being a shop owner, I got to attend Quilt Market for my first time.  Whew, it sure was a whirlwind!

Botanics - Carolyn Friedlander

I had planned on attending more than one day, but as per my usual luck, scheduling got in the way and I was only able to attend Saturday.  I sure am thankful that Fall Quilt Market takes place in my city, or else things may have been a little dicey.

Hapi - Amy Butler

Being a veteran Quilt Festival attendee every fall for years now, I thought I would be prepared for Market. There are no words for the exhaustion I still feel today writing this post.  Not only am I physically worn out, but I had no idea how mentally draining it would be.  

Art Gallery

I am still trying to wrap my head around every one I saw, met, talked to, and hung out with.  Notice I am focusing on people here.  Yes, Market is a fabric utopia, but the special memories will always be about the people.


In one day, I met so many people I respect and admire.  I had no idea how overwhelming this would feel.  I met fabric designers, bloggers, pattern designers.  

Rapture - Pat Bravo

I am having to restrain myself from name-dropping, but trust me, if you follow them on Instagram, I think I met them.  It was a dream.

Dowry - Anna Maria Horner

I wish I had photos to share of everyone I met, but like I said, it was so overwhelming, so I only have a few shots from early in the day before things got really crazy busy.

Lottie Da - Heather Bailey

As for the fabric, I have that covered.  Stay tuned for a post full of fabric goodness!


  1. Kristan, I am in the Houston area. Do you have a brick and mortar shop? I have only found 2, one in Huffman and one in Humble. .thank you. Amy

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow's post! I had a designer clothing boutique for years and know just what you mean about going to market being exhausting. Who new shopping was such hard work!

  3. I can't wait to see what you have in store for your store :) I went to market today, and I was completely overwhelmed! It was so amazing and exhausting.


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