Friday, January 11, 2013

Plans for the Sewing Space

After thinking long and hard about my creating area after the post the other day about organizing my embroidery supplies, I've decided to completely overhaul my sewing space.  I feel like I just did this a few months ago, but it just wasn't working.  Well, it's kind of working, but not well enough.

Currently, I have almost the same set up as Jess from Stitched in Thyme.  I'm lacking the sideways Expedit that is laying down, but I do have the same upright one + table top as she does.  And by clicking through to her site, you can see how wonderful her space is!  So tomorrow morning, the we're headed to IKEA to get not just one, but two more Expedit units, as well as some more boxes to round out my storage space.

Here's a mock up of what I'm envisioning.  We'll call this Phase One:

Sewing Room West Wall
I already have the unit on the left, and it's already positioned there in the corner of the room.  The dark squares represent the portion of the unit that is under the table top (not pictured).  The pin board is already hanging on the wall.  The new additions will be the two other Expedit units (the upright one on the left, and the laying down one under the pin board).

Phase Two involves some minor construction, so it won't happen as spontaneously as Phase One.  We have a sliding door closet in this room, and the plan is to take off the doors and build shelving in the closet for more storage.  We'll also be installing a power outlet and wiring for the printers (or maybe we'll get a wireless printer router thing, who knows).  Ideally, the closet will neatly store the printers and any cardstock, "shipping and receiving" (mailing supplies for bee blocks, etc), and gift wrapping items.  I'd also like to have a shelf reserved for fabric on mini bolts.  You'll notice I have designated two cubbies (bottom left) for fabric on comic book board bolts, but I don't really care for that system and I'd like something sturdier.  Eventually.


  1. Fuu-uuu-un. I think I like organizing and reorganizing as much as I do the sewing.

  2. Well, your off to a great start if it turns out half as organized as your plans! I wish I was near an Ikea, but the closest one is almost 5 hours away -- actually that may be a good thing! Good luck and have fun creating your space!!

  3. Wanna come do mine next? I could really use it! Can't wait to see how it all turns out :D

  4. I wish I could start over...I am so far in...nowhere else to go.....FUN to watch someone else!!!


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