Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bow ties & hair bows!

(pardon the bad, sideways phone pic)

I managed to make something out of fabric this week!  Clip on bow ties and hair bows for my son's Mother's Day Out class.  I used a tutorial I found on The Pleated Poppy, cutting the main fabric to 9" x 4.5".

For the tags, I had Little Teague color some white card stock with Christmas colors, then printed a grid of sentiments on them.  In hindsight, it would be better to print then color, because the toner in my laser printer would not stick to the waxy crayon in some places.  Things got a little messy, but oh well.  They're two.  ;)

I also wish I would have thought of something clever to put on The tags so the boy parents know they're clip on bow ties and not hair bows.  I think they'll probably figure it put though.

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