Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Update

Hey y'all!

I did not mean to take such a long break from the blog, but life has really gotten pretty busy for me!  I have barely even plugged in my sewing machine.  Which also means that it looks like I won't be finishing up that to-do list.  But that's okay!

I have recently started my toddler in a Mother's Day Out program.  You would think that would give me a lot of extra time to get some sewing in.  Unfortunately, I've been using that time to play catch up on the other things I've been having to let slide (like haircuts, medical appointments, baking, organizing my home, lunch dates with friends I barely ever see, and holiday errands).

Since I haven't been sewing (except some strip piecing for some do. Good Stitches Love Circle blocks), there hasn't been anything to blog about.  I don't even have any fun pictures to share (unless you follow me on Instagram!).   Oh yeah, I've joined the Love Circle!  :)

Tonight and tomorrow I'll be working on some bow ties and hair bows for my son's class Christmas party gift exchange, as well as some drawstring bags for gifting some nail polish goodies to his two teachers.  So hopefully I can get some fun crafty pics up here for y'all to see.  And then after Christmas I can show some of the gifts I've sewn or stitched up.

So that's my check-in.  If you're still hanging around here, thanks!  I'm hoping that once 2013 gets here that I can get a better routine going so I'll be able to post regularly again.

Enjoy your holidays!  And Happy New Year if I don't get my act together this year!  ;)


  1. Whew! Busy girl. :) All good stuff though, and sometimes it's good to catch up. I've been catching up on some housework today and it feels much better to have a tidy house I must say!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Kristan.

  2. Don't worry, once you're caught up with life you can start work8ng on your list! It only gets better! Merry Christmas! :)


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