Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Tote!

This tote is loosely based on the Jane Market Tote (for dimensions). I changed it a lot by using patchwork, quilting it, adding a triple pocket to the interior, and lengthening, widening, and padding the straps. I also didn't box out the corners to make it square.

Houston International Quilt Festival Tote Detail

I made it to use at the Houston International Quilt Festival to carry purchases and hold my things so I don't need a purse + shopping bags. The pockets will come in handy for business cards and fliers.

Houston International Quilt Festival Tote Inside

This bag is really huge! I think it will hold a lot of stuff. Maybe too much! I made the interior pockets the perfect size to hold my phone snug, as well as my Field Notes + Sharpie Pen (fave!), and some lip gloss and junk.

So that makes two bags in a few days.  I guess that's what happens when you're #notgoingtosewingsummit.  ;)

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  1. Beautiful! I have the same pattern, but haven't used it yet. I bought some fabrics last week and I'll get working in them soon. I love how you custom made the pockets. I might try to even put zipper in one of mine if I could find a 20"zipper :) Thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. Stunning bag! Love your choice of fabrics and colour!
    Also have the pattern but not got round to doing anything with it yet!!

  3. haha, clever tagging :D
    very cute bag! have fun at festival :D

  4. Love it! I really love the pockets up top. You did an amazing job putting those fabrics together. I would never have thought to put them together. came over from fabric tuesday

  5. love the bag! you made some great improvements to the original pattern :)

  6. Popped over from Quilt Story - loving the bag, fabrics and colours :)

  7. Very cute bag! I love the modifications you've made.

  8. Love it! You are going to get good use out of it at Quilt Market (I wish I was going - have a blast!)

  9. Very nice! I love the solid panel in the center and quilted sides, nice contrast and very well made!

  10. Love your tote!! Very pretty fabrics, too! Found your blog thru the Sew South flickr page :o)


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