Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jack Attack QAL - Practice Block A

Practice Block A by doodledodesigns
Practice Block A, a photo by doodledodesigns on Flickr.
I'm participating in the Jack Attack Quilt Along over at Lily's Quilts.

Today was the practice block A tutorial. These are not the fabrics I'll be using (instead I'm using Nicey Jane). I'm also only making one Jack to be a wall hanging in my sewing room.

I am not sure if I did this right. It looks right, but if you look closely at the right side towards the bottom and the top side towards the left/center you can see where my edges don't match up.

Maybe I had some issues because I didn't use freezer paper? I used some wrapping paper instead. I will have freezer paper available when I start with my real fabric!


  1. I would just slightly the trim the whole thing and then do the same trim with the other blocks so the whole thing will come out even and it will be fine.

  2. I just commented on your Flickr pic too. Mine was out in the same spot as yours - there's a pic in our Flickr stream - and I blogged it too (but didn't put the wonky pic in the blog!!).

    I've only used freezer paper a couple of times to make much smaller things. I did find it really helpful using it for my practice block, as it really helped to make sure my edges were all straight and trimmed, and it helped in matching up for that last seam.

    I have to be more careful peeling the paper off the fabric though - a whole lot of loose threads pulled out along the edges, so it caused quite a bit of fraying!

    Have decided on all my block fabrics now, so am ready to get going (being much more careful this time!!). good luck, will look forward to more pics, Cat.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the paper/fraying issue. I'll be careful!


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