Thursday, February 6, 2014

The List

Hedgie Pinwheels WIP

This is finally getting quilted.  It's backed with minky, which I've never FMQ'ed on before, and I love it.  This photo shows the real color of the background fabric.  In previous photos, the color was reading more grey.  It's Connecting Threads Latte.  I'm quilting it with the matching Connecting Threads Latte thread on the top, and white on the back.

Scratching some things off my WIP list feels really great.  Yesterday my awesome-sauce friend Hilary came over and we crossed things off our lists.  And made a pact to hold each other to our WIP lists.  We're not allowed to start anything new until we finish what we have going. (we do have some clauses for important things that we don't know about yet haha).

Yesterday I finished all the stuff for my Sew Sew Modern Swap partner .  I'm wrapping some extra goodies and waiting for the Scotch-Guard to dry on the low volume Aeroplane Bag I made and then it will get shipped today.  Major thing off The List!

Still on The List:
-I have two tutorials in the works, so hopefully I will have those ready in the next week or so, then they can be crossed off the list.  
-Dwell quilt - top is not completely pieced yet (needs horizontal sashing and then borders).  
-Linen Plus quilt - next in line for quilting.  The backing is voile, another new material for me, so we'll see how that goes.
-Rockin Robin borders - no progress
-Fireworks pillow - basted
-Lattice baby quilt - no progress
-Patchwork baby quilt - no progress
-Hulk pillow top - no progress
-Sapphire Stars quilt - beginning the search for a local long-armer to take over

Dropped off The List:
-Purple Monstrosity - I just hate it.  I'm sorry, hate is such a strong word.  But it doesn't make me happy and I don't HAVE TO finish it.  If anyone wants it and wants to pay shipping for it, be my guest.
-Strawberry Social - I have barely even pulled fabrics for this.  It's off The List for sanity's sake.

My list has gone from 13 things to only 11 in a week.  That feels great!


  1. SO cute! Your quilting looks great, and I really love that latte colour.


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