Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Catvent Quiltalong: Ferdinand Pouch

Ferdinand Pouch

This was a Christmas gift for my sister, so it hasn't made an appearance on the blog yet.  If you read Oh, Fransson!, then you are aware of the #catventquiltalong.  I really liked the blocks, but I knew I wouldn't have time to devote to a whole quilt.  Since each block was perfectly sized for a pouch, I decided to go that route and make one for my sister with the Ferdinand block.

Ferdinand Pouch Zipper

I used this fun zipper I picked up at Fall Quilt Festival.  The zipper tabs were a happy accident.  They were supposed to be flat, but I guess I did something wrong and they got kind of tucked in.  But I think they look kinda cool.  Almost like I meant to make them all triangular like that.

Ferdinand Pouch Lining

This print from Madrona Road was perfect for the lining.  I made the pouch to fit my sister's little tablet she takes everywhere for writing.  It's quilted to provide a little protection too.  I got sneaky and had my mom measure the tablet when my sister wasn't looking.  Then I added a lot of extra space, because I didn't want to make the same mistake I did with my selvage pouch.  Thankfully, it was perfect and there is enough extra room to comfortably store her detachable keyboard.  Score!

Ferdinand Pouch Detail

The black linen and cross hatch quilting were inspired by Elizabeth's original quilt.  Why mess with a good thing?  Plus, everyone loves linen.  


  1. I'm really not a cat person but this is so cute!! Love the blues paired with the linen.


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