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Straight Stitch Society Have It All Wallet Pattern Review

Straight Stitch Society Have It All Wallet

All you need to know is that yes, I definitely recommend this pattern, so go for it if you're still considering.  This pattern was so easy to read and follow.  I spent more time pulling and deciding on the combination of fabrics than I did sewing.  Honestly, that was the most difficult part.  The finished wallet is so simple and pretty and, with tons of pockets, I have a place for everything.

Straight Stitch Society Have It All Wallet

Here's what I liked about the pattern:

- Fun quips and encouragement printed right there in the steps.

- Clear, easy to interpret pictures.

- Grid lines on the digital pattern for matching up pages before joining and cutting.

Straight Stitch Society Have It All Wallet

The only thing I would have wanted in the pattern was mention of which pattern piece BY NUMBER I was supposed to be using for that step.  When marking my fabric, I use the pattern number (not description of the piece) to label it.  It's not even a big deal, because you use the pieces in numerical order anyways, but it would have helped me at a glance.  I ended up noting on the pattern which piece is used for each step, so like I said, not a big deal.

Straight Stitch Society Have It All Wallet

Finally, here are some of my notes, in case they will be helpful for you.

Fabric Choices.  
- For the outer main fabric, use a non-directional print.  I almost used the hedgies on the outside because they're so cute, but then I realized some would be upside-down when the wallet is folded up!  The inside main doesn't matter as much, because the only time you'll be seeing it is when the wallet is open.  

- For the card pockets, use something that will still be recognizable in little chunks, since you'll be folding the fabric to create the pockets.  

- For the zipper pocket, it isn't going to show very much, so probably don't use a prized piece of fabric on this part.  The pocket is created by folding here, so if you use a directional print, it will be upside-down on one side.  I lined mine with hedgies and they are upside-down inside the zipper pouch, so I made sure to keep that side towards the front so it's not noticible when looking into the zipper pouch.

- Interfacing.  The pattern calls for an extra-firm, sew-in interfacing.  I am not an interfacing expert AT ALL, but I am assuming that Peltex would work here.  I did not use Peltex, because it felt too stiff.  I used Pellon 809, which is fusible and that worked out just fine.  There's enough body and structure, plus, way easier to maneuver through my machine.

- Topstitching.  When going around the outer edges of the wallet, increase your stitch length a little.  I usually piece at 2.5, but I always raise it up to 3.5 for topstitching.  The stitches look more even and it's easier for the machine to get through all those layers.  Also, go slower than normal.

- Other notes.  I purchased my digital pattern in PDF form from Oliver + S.  It was $8.95.  I feel like this is a good price for making at least one wallet, and a fantastic price considering you can make a lot of these quickly and easily to give as gifts.  At checkout, I was offered another pattern at a discount.  The pattern is 15 total pages.  The first two are full color, the rest is fine to print in greyscale.  I printed pages 3 through 15 so I could make notes, but you really only need to print pages 10 through 15 (six pages) for the actual pattern pieces.

Again, I most definitely recommend this pattern.  I can't think of a single reason why you'd ever regret buying it.  Now that I have one under my belt and know how easy it is, I'm thinking of doing a quilted patchwork version, because - why not?

Have you used this pattern?  I'd love to see your version, so link it up in the comments!


  1. Lovely wallet and thanks for the great pattern review.

  2. This is wonderful, and it just so happens I'm getting ready to make a wallet for someone!! I have found a couple of great tutorials, but now I'm quite tempted to purchase this pattern.

  3. Super cute!! I love your fabric choices!

  4. It looks great. I'm really interested in this pattern!! And actually now that I look at the pattern link, I think I've had it pinned for quite some time. Your version really caught my attention though!!

  5. Kristan, is the zip pouch built in? I assume so but just want to be sure. thx

  6. Fab review and gorgeous purse - I'm going to buy this pattern now, got some xmas gifts in mind! :D


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