Sunday, January 20, 2013

Simplicity 1879 - Lisette Souvenir Tunic Muslin

Lisette Souvenir Simplicity 1879

My first garment from an actual commercially produced pattern (Simplicity 1879)!  I don't know what took me so long, this was fun.

This photo is just the muslin.  View A, without the ruffle.  Plus I added 3.5" to the bottom for a little length and of course the hem.  However, in this photo, the length is exactly where I want it to be, though it is NOT hemmed.  So now I know that for the final version(s), I need to add 3.5" PLUS hem allowance.  

I'd also like to talk about sizing.  Wow, what a huge difference from ready to wear.  I bought the pattern without really checking on my measurements, just noted that the envelope I picked up was sizes 6-14.  Since I wear a 8/10 in ready to wear, I figured it would be good enough.  When I got home and did measurements, it turns out they wanted me to cut a size 18.  Being as impatient as I am, I decided just to cut the largest size my pattern had on it, the 14, and make no adjustments (except for the length).  Turns out that it is pretty much a perfect fit.  I may use a smaller seam allowance (3/8" instead of 5/8") in the hip area on the final version just for comfort though.

I also brought the sleeves up a lot more than the pattern suggested.  Short arms I guess, and I wanted the sleeve to stop right at the bend in my elbow.  Speaking of sleeves, I thought they would be scary, but it was painless.  Even my seams under the arms matched up perfectly!  I did have some trouble with the finishing (French seams) around the underarm area, but it was more just awkward than difficult.

Now to decide just what fabric(s) to buy to make the final version(s) in!  I know I'll want to wear it everyday, especially at QuiltCon and Sew South.

I also have the Diplomat pattern, which I'd like to make as a dress with long sleeves (I'm a long sleeves on dresses kind of girl).  And I have the Continental pattern, so naturally I'll be making a long sleeve blouse as well.  I guess I have some fabric shopping to do!


  1. Oh, you look so cute! It'll be fun to see what you make it in for the real version.

  2. I love it! You may have convinced me to try out a pattern (I'm not very good at following commercially produced patterns). So cute. Can't wait to see what fabric you choose for it.

  3. Very cute! Something I would never attempt but wish I could!

  4. Well, it may just be the muslin but it looks great!

  5. This is super cute and very flattering on you! Between you and me (and whoever else reads this), it seems like quilt bloggers only make sacks to wear -- like, maternity-looking garments, except from the time pregnant women only wore big blousy dresses -- and I just can't understand it. (Apparently it is very fashionable right now to have no waist!) This looks very comfortable but gives you a nice shape at the same time.

  6. Oh so cute! I think it looks great on you. Makes me want to check out that pattern too Kristan!

  7. Awesome. I just need a body like you've got and ill be all about making my own clothes :P


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