Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Sprout Table Runner

Over on Threadbias, I am participating in the Pretty In Patchwork Holidays book sew-along.  For the month of March, the project was the Harvest Vine Table Runner.  I decided to do mine in Springy pastel colors.  Because of that, I re-named it Spring Sprout.

This is the first time I've ever sewn curves for a quilt block.  The block uses a component of the Drunkard's Path block.  I found that I much prefer the non-pinning technique (video here on the She Can Quilt blog) to pinning all over the place.  I really dislike pinning things to be honest.  

I did have a hard time deciding how to quilt this thing though.  I am still very new to FMQ, so I wanted to take the opportunity to practice on a small project like this.  

I finally decided on a meandering stipple for the sprout sections, straight lines in the stem, and some little doodled flowers in the borders.  I know I need some more practice with keeping my stitches even, but I'm actually very proud of myself for just going for it.

I know now that I think I'd prefer the look of those doodled flowers better if they were not so close to the binding.  Note to self for next time, you know!

I am really very happy with how this project turned out.  I think it is my favorite so far this year!  Not that I've finished much so far this year... ;)

Happy Spring Y'all!


  1. Oh, so pretty! Great choice of fabrics and so cute with the spring decorations on your table. Reminds me how awful I am at seasonally decorating! Your FMQ looks fantastic. I really like the flowers!

  2. this is gorgeous!!! I love this block and i've been trying to incorporate it without making a quilt.. beautiful idea!

  3. It's really lovely Kristan, and your FMQ is adorable. Love the little flowers in the borders, it really adds to the spring-y feel of the runner.

  4. very pretty and spring-y. you did a good job on the quilting. every time you do it, it gets easier.

  5. So cute, love the spring time colors. You did a great job FMQ, you watch anybody who has done it for a long time and it doesn't look that hard, Until YOU try it, but keep at it...practice, practice, practice, once you get in a rhythm, it goes pretty quick. The more I do it the more I love it, now I've got an itch for a longarm!!!

  6. This turned out lovely! And I think your FMQ looks fabulous!!! I want one on my table!!! Planning to make another anytime soon??? ;)

  7. Hi, I think it turned out awesome and the FMQ you did looks wonderful. I wouldn't mind putting it on my table....take care

  8. Your quilting looks amazing!! Good for you... so pretty and perfect for spring!

  9. Gorgeous table runner! I love how you quilted it, especially those flowers in the border.


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