Tuesday, February 26, 2013

QuiltCon 2013

Well, QuiltCon has come and gone, and I thought I'd get my thoughts on it out in the open.  I feel so fortunate to have gotten to experience a tiny bit of it.  While I live only a few hours from Austin, I was only able to attend the Show on Saturday.  I also did not take any classes or hear any lectures, unfortunately.  What I'm seeing and hearing about those aspects of QuiltCon is making me realize that, yes, I definitely DO want to enroll in classes and sit for lectures next time!

I brought my DSLR, but decided not to carry it around the convention center.  Instead I used my phone/Instagram to document things I liked.  You'll notice that there aren't photographs of the quilts in this post.  I really enjoyed looking at all the wonderful works of art, but I didn't want it to seem like I was playing favorites since I can't post photos of them all!  Plus, there are photos of the quilts from the show all over the internet and Instagram!  

The Austin Convention Center was a really cool place.  This installation was all over the walls on one side outside of the exhibit area.  I thought it looked really quilty and fresh!  

I may have spent my life savings at the Super Buzzy booth.  One thing I wanted to do was stock up on some great Japanese fabrics in person (so I could use the cash I've been saving and not put it on a card by ordering online!).  I could have bought one of everything at that booth, and I'm a little sad that I didn't buy more.  Funny story - after leaving the Super Buzzy booth, I spoke with the Melody Miller herself...only I didn't know it was her until hours later when someone posted a photo of her on Instagram.  Doh!  Note to self: do a better job of learning names and introducing myself.

If you follow quilty peeps on Instagram, then you are probably aware of the run on the tattoo parlor this weekend.  Who knew QuiltCon would inspire so much ink?  I got tatted up myself.  ;)  (side note: how does one remove a temporary tattoo?)

Taking a much needed rest in the hotel room.  I am going to be honest here.  QuiltCon overwhelmed me.  A lot.  And I was only there for one day!  There was just so much activity, energy, and excitement in one small area.  I get this way sometimes in crowded areas.  I'm not sure why and it doesn't happen often or even every time I'm in a crowded area.

Show freebies!  A lovely Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet charm pack from Andover, a fun mini charm pack of  Zen Chic Comma from Moda, and a really great Anda Corrie fat quarter from Spoonflower.  Not pictured are the freebies from Craftsy - a pattern for the great Asterisk quilt and a free class!  I've already redeemed the class for Pattern Drafting from Ready to Wear by Steffani Lincecum.

Just a fun picture from before dinner.  It's the Capital Building as viewed from outside Manuel's Mexican Restaurant on Congress Avenue.  Yummy food there!

I was going to talk about being bummed that I didn't meet everyone that I hoped to meet.  I saw quite a few bloggers and fabric designers that I wanted to introduce myself to, but I didn't (probably part of being overwhelmed by the whole thing).  But instead, I want to talk about how AWESOME it was to meet the people that I did meet.  Honestly, as fantastic as an event like this was, what with all the quilts and fabric and activities, my favorite part was meeting people.  Pictured here are 5 of us from the Love Circle of do. Good Stitches (left to right: Ara Jane, Natalie, Me, Rachel, Jacey).  We shared a meal and some super great conversation.  At the show I met up with Krista and her super sweet fiance and we chatted up a storm and then enjoyed some BBQ together.  Alex and Amanda were there at the Threadbias booth and it was wonderful to meet them as well!  I wish I would have gotten more photos of people, but that can be my goal for next time.  I've got to say, as great as it is to have connected online, meeting face to face and talking was really special to me.  I wish we had more time for that part!

So that's my QuiltCon wrap up.  I feel like I haven't been doing nearly enough sewing lately (enough to feed my crafty soul), so I haven't had much to share here.  Hopefully I can get my act together and take photos and find the time to write up a post so y'all don't start wondering what happened to me.  :)


  1. Scotch tape - the good stuff and not the weak junk. you put it on, rub it with a fingernail and then pull the tape off... voila! No more tattoo!

  2. I am an older woman in my 70's you young women and your energy and talent with the modern quilting amaze me. The colors and shapes are so awesome. Keep up the good work you inspire me.

  3. Aw, how nice is that comment up above mine?! It was so nice meeting you in person and geeking out in the superbuzzy booth :D

  4. I'm so bummed that I didn't get to meet up with you and Krista!!!! :*( OKC is about half way for both of you. Maybe you just need to drive on up and hang out here for a quilting weekend!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Kristan, I totally get the feeling overwhelmed at QuiltCon. It would be too much for me. I am hoping that Sew South will be more relaxed with fifty of us and a lot less hullabaloo!! See you there :-)

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